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Activist and fundraiser, Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship with charities. Too many nonprofits, according to him, are rewarded for how little they spend -- not for what they get done. Instead of equating frugality with morality, he asks us to start rewarding charities for their big goals and significant accomplishments (even if that comes with big expenses). In this bold talk, he says: Let's change the way we think about changing the world.

Ellamo invites partners to join us on this journey, building a bright future, village by village and

city by city around the world.

For the businesses that participate, to be a part of Ellamo means demonstrating the value they place on Corporate Social Responsibility. Thanks to the communication we generate amongst the participants and partners, we can offer support, branding, advice, and a worldwide network and create a significant improvement in our communities, not only on the days and nights of our events and projects but for 365 days of the year.

You have the opportunity to get involved in this innovative initiative that blends entertainment,

knowledge, positive synergies, and local social projects for those who need us the most, and through which we can make a difference to the cities and communities we live to share.

To innovate and propose different ways of doing charity is a great challenge that we accept and take at Ellamo.

We invite you to see/listen to Dan Pallotta’s TED Talk, which has served us as an inspiration to innovate and find new ways of doing.


Join us on this journey!

For additional information on the benefits of getting involved with Ellamo, please contact us at or by calling +31 681 790 251.

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