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Manely Ellamo is a Catalan/Dutch visionary entrepreneur and filmmaker

with Andalusian roots, born in Barcelona (Spain) and raised in The Netherlands.

As a second-year film student, the academy offered him to edit Final Exam Films. During his study at the Dutch Film Academy, NFTVA in Amsterdam Manely was responsible for eight graduation films as an editor, and sometimes co-director and co-producer. Predominantly films with a challenging social and humane theme such as the critically acclaimed film "Wally Tax Outsider."

He worked, aside from the film academy, with the Cuban director Lázaro Burría Perez as producer and editor on the likewise acclaimed film "Isa a portrait," which was selected in Locarno Film Festival and received an honorable mention there. The film won awards such as the best film in Cuba and a special mention at the Unesco Film Festival.

 Nowadays, Manely focuses on films and projects that matter

with positive and humane values to support humanity.

To this purpose, he set up the Ellamo Foundation and later the production company

Maria Isabel Productions (MIP) named after his mother.

The goal is "Advancing Humanity through Knowledge & Entertainment."

His film work always has a theme of human interest.

This interest is the nature of Manely, the artist, called by colleagues a visionary. 

He has been passionate about sciences, technology, and humanity from an early age. 



Manely is the upcoming author of the book 'Dealing With Healing' 

which is related to the project 'Wim Hof 'The Ice Man' Film.'

To be published in 2021 

Cover DealingWithHealoingStapel.jpg

Advancing Humanity Through Knowledge & Entertainment

The Ellamo Foundation was founded on the 23rd of October 2006 to support and finance cultural and educational goods and services, to empower humanity worldwide.

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