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Supporting and financing the production of cultural & educational goods and projects, especially that matter, and have a socially positive impact. Improvement of education systems and sciences to achieve a better world, protect and keep our habitat on earth habitable, and ensure the evolution and survival of our species on the planet and beyond. Empowerment of Women and

Children are paramount and a priority in the present day!


The Ellamo Foundation assists visionary projects and communities worldwide that are willing to

meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that global leaders agreed to for a better world by

2030. All own Ellamo projects are being measured and linked to these 17 goals that have the power to make life more beautiful for everyone. So people master awareness and consciousness. These goals guide 7.08 Billion People and initiate building a better future for all entities on our planet and preserve our habitat.

Find out more about The Global Goals in the link:


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