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The Ellamo Foundation supports initiatives that aim to make life more beautiful.

African Parks (AP)

Reinforcing our Commitment

Our main goals involve the protection and improvement of our habitat. 
The preservation of our wildlife is part of this.
African Parks (AP) is all about this and even more.

An education plan and strategy is in place and needs support. 
Our executive board has connected with AP to brainstorm and to support this beautiful project all over the African continent.

It is all about awareness and leadership by example.


Making a difference for Life


Clean water is a fundamental human right,

yet 663 million people don’t have it.

The drop4drop movement makes a difference.

We monitor their impact for a while and really like their efficiency. At the present day, we are talking to get to know

them better and offer structural support and empowerment

implementing local education.

Soon more news on this beautiful humanitarian project.

For the impact of drop4drop work, click here.

Escape to Nature

Making a difference for Marine Wildlife


Libor Spacek & Petra Dolezalova are two adventures that care for our marine life,

which has a crucial role in our survival.

They work closely with locals and the world's marine biologists.

Through a series of documentaries, they contribute to our consciousness regarding this topic. 

We monitor their impact for a while and really like their work. At the present day, we are talking to get to know them better and offer structural support and empowerment, implementing education value and funds for their

project. Soon more news on this beautiful humanitarian project lead by these award-winning filmmakers. 



Advancing Humanity Through Knowledge & Entertainment

The Ellamo Foundation was founded on the 23rd of October 2006 to support and finance cultural and educational goods and services, to empower humanity worldwide.

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