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The Ellamo Foundation supports initiatives that aim to make life more beautiful.

African Parks (AP)

Reinforcing our Commitment

Our main goals involve the protection and improvement of our habitat. 
The preservation of our wildlife is part of this.
African Parks (AP) is all about this and even more.

An education plan and strategy is in place and needs support. 
Our executive board has connected with AP to brainstorm and to support this beautiful project all over the African continent.

It is all about awareness and leadership by example.

Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)

The past six years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued 3,000 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 2,000 traffickers around the world. The partners they are empowering have collectively helped recover the lives of more than 10,000 survivors who were enslaved, exploited, or at risk.
We at the Ellamo Foundation want to help increase this number till this work becomes obsolete.
The C.E.O. of the Ellamo Foundation connected with O.U.R. to create a joint venture between the two public benefit organizations.

Unsilenced Voices (UV)

Our main goals involve the protection and empowerment of people. Domestic Violence is a serious issue we need to address as a society. Michelle Jewsbury, the founder of UV, is a survivor of Domestic Violence.  She currently operates in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Nepal. UV works with their partners to implement shelters, sensitization programs, legal assistance, vocational training, medical and counseling to victims of domestic abuse, and sexual gender-based Violence. UV is developing essential partners in the USA to serve the greater Los Angeles area in 2020.

Ellamo and OV partnered together through a fiscal sponsorship in the USA to raise funds and to empower

our goals.

Picture: Manely Ellamo & Michelle Jewsbury


Global Unity Foundation

Global Unity Foundation's mission is to unite the world through humanitarian efforts by working with governments, influential individuals, and both for-profit and non-profit organizations to eradicate poverty, advance health and wellness, create economic sustainability, and promote universal quality education.

Ryan Long, the founder of this Foundation, passed away 2nd March 2020, leaving a legacy that continues through his mother, Dona. Manely and Ryan understood the value of knowledge and entertainment. Ryan's City Summit & Gala became a home to connect and grow for The Ellamo Foundation. We will follow up with Dona together in carrying forward Ryan's mission of Global Unity. Together we can. 


making a difference for life


Clean water is a fundamental human right,

yet 663 million people don’t have it.

The drop4drop movement makes a difference.

We monitor their impact for a while and really like their efficiency. At the present day, we are talking to get to know

them better and offer structural support and empowerment

implementing local education.

Soon more news on this beautiful humanitarian project.

For the impact of drop4drop work, click here.

Infinity Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Princeton (USA), focused on research and education. It specializes in the field of civilization studies applying the Dharma lens to examine a broad range of topics. It disseminates its unique research findings through books, videos, and public events. The Infinity Foundation was created in 1994 by private endowment.

The Foundation is a private non-operating foundation that has 2 major areas of giving:  Wisdom and Compassion. The Foundation is a registered 501(C)(3) Nonprofit organization that is classified as a private foundation by the Internal Revenue Service. Soon more news on this beautiful humanitarian project.



Advancing Humanity Through Knowledge & Entertainment

The Ellamo Foundation was founded on the 23th of October 2006 by filmmaker Manely to support and finance the production of cultural goods, especially films that matter and have a social utility.

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