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Ellamo supports with all means the following film-related projects with high humanitarian value and positive impact potential.

Wim Hof 'The Ice Man' Film

" More Than A Film " 

Wim Hof 'The Ice Man Film' already has been branded worldwide as

'More Than A Film.'

October 2010, we initiated this project on request by Wim Hof when he and Manely met and became instant friends. The film director and producer saw the humanitarian potential and an excellent science-based case potential. Therefore, Manely decided to sign a contract with Wim and start from scratch involving science. By now, there are official and published scientific papers and a first draft screenplay.

In 2016 a WHF Gala was held in Amsterdam, which became acclaimed and famous and a format to do again.

We expect to deliver the final draft of the screenplay in September 2021.

The financial phase is now in place.

A joint venture with Hollywood (USA) parties is in the making.

wim hof fimposter.jpg

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' DAMRAK'  Selma, Forgotten Hero

Ellamo supports this project. The production of a feature movie screenplay development with the working title "DAMRAK" Selma 'Forgotten Hero.' A true based story of Sarah Cato Meyer. A powerful lady entrepreneur of Jewish descent who had an important role before and during the Second World War. Screenplay produced by Manely Ellamo at MIP and written by Dorothea Meyer. The screenplay has been translated from Dutch to US English and soon offered to Sales Agents in Hollywood and Germany.

See also:

Picture: Dorothea Meijer & Manely Ellamo

' L' Avi I La Sagrada Familia '

 " Epic story based on real events. "

The full-length feature film ' L' Avi I La Sagrada Familia ' tells the story of a grandchild that looks for his grandfather, a fallen hero during the Spanish Civil War in the 19th century.


In the 21st century, Grandchild starts a quest to find his grandfather,

a fallen war hero, hoping to escape his insomnia and nightmares of War.

This story is based on real events during the turmoil just after the Spanish Civil War transcending into WW2.



Research in Spain ( summer 2010 summer Body Remains location found through Military Secret Service Archives in Barcelona ), Design & Treatment, Art, and Opening Sequence.

AviFilmPoster2019 copy.jpg

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