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Earth and Space

Empowering Humanity

To align our mission with our vision, we support

the production of cultural and educational goods

that matter and have a substantial positive impact.

To achieve a better world, we also seek to

improve education systems and sciences.

Ellamo envisions a world with improvements in

health, education, and the environment.


We address the needs of people and families

as stated by the United Nations.

We aim to protect and keep our habitat

on earth habitable.

Let us ensure the evolutionary survival

of our species on the planet and beyond.

Manely Ellamo, Founder & CEO,

sharing values with some of the greatest visionaries and mentors 


"Quality education and technology secure our future."

Steve Wozniak

Legendary Apple Co-Founder

"Spirituality and empathy attract and create abundance."

Hugh Hilton

Founding Partner of A&M CapRE

"Masterful movies entertain, educate, and elevate us all."

Mel Gibson

Visionary Film director & Actor

Manely & JT Foxx Orlando 2016.jpg
Manely & Wim Hof copy.png

"Don't strive for success but instead choose to be a person of significance and value."

JT Foxx

Serial Entrepreneur

Known as the World's #1 Coach & Branding Expert

"Nothing happens without a team, acknowledge them, and express gratitude."

Moira Forbes

President & Publisher of ForbesWomen

"If you can learn how to use your mind, anything is possible."

Wim Hof

26 official Guinness World Records holder

Extreme Athlete and Wim Hof Method Founder

Support with Benefits

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The Ellamo Foundation offers you the opportunity to donate with TAX deductions. Ellamo supporters are carefully selected based on their alignment with the Ellamo Ethics and the Ellamo Manifesto. 

Click here to connect with us and make it happen.

Ellamo Beneficiaries

The Ellamo Foundation supports initiatives that aim to make life more beautiful.

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Reinforcing our Commitment

Financial Adoption of Orphans in India

Childrenshome is a Dutch Christian ANBI Foundation that saves children's lives in India and then offers them proper education, among other Math, English, Ethics, IT, and more. CEO Manely Ellamo adopted financially for three years (2016-2018), an orphan girl (see picture). She is now 17 years old and no longer at 'Childrenshome'; she parted to support her family. The goal is eventually to offer support to aid more children and maximize the efforts from this caring organization led by the Dutch couple

Jan Mureau en Lia Mureau Rullens. In 2023 a delegation of the Ellamo board will meet with them and set goals for a decent financial support plan for over the coming five years.